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It’s our first Warrior Moms event! Join us for an intimate luncheon with Mallika Chopra. “Getting off the Hamster Wheel and Living with Intent!” – October 14th | Private Home in Bel Air. Click Here to See the Flyer

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Amazing Work and Art of Davood Roostaei

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Peace Learning & Peace Education Defines Davood Roostaei’s Work, Life Achievements, and Brilliant Art! It’s the Greatest Honor to Know him, Collaborate with him, and Be his Friend…I Know his Passion for Children and Peace Education will soon be Recognized by Millions & Millions of Families Around The World...

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Teen Parenting Challenges

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Teen Parenting Challenges – Compassion begins with the parent’s ability to feel what the teen is feeling. Published: LA Mom Magazine on 1/10/13By Dr. Nelly Franoody-Zahiri Link to original article In the accelerated rush of our society today, it has taken me a decade to see what has been forgotten in Peace Learning Parenting –  Parenting, with the focus and the intention of knowing and feeling that we are all connected and that families do much better collectively when interacting and sharing values rather than perceiving each...

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Cultivate Peace & Empathy

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If you like to Cultivate Peace & Empathy in your Child’s World then begin by getting a Clear Picture of his/her Social World…ask specific questions about your child’s friends like: “Who do you have lunch with…who do you like playing with at recess…what was your best/happy and tough/sad/mad experience today?” Talking about daily experiences with friends indicate the importance of interpersonal relationships and gives you an opportunity to integrate the 5 Cs: Compassion, Communication, Cooperation,...

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The evidence has shown time and again that very young children learn far more through play than they do in a “strict” academic environment, according to Alison Gopnik, a researcher at UC Berkeley and author of The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life. Pretend PLAY teaches children how to understand themselves and their world…this will lead to better adjustment in school, and will help our children become “flexible and sophisticated thinkers.” This is Peace Learning...

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Early Childhood Experiences

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We know that early childhood experiences influence learning, behavioral styles & development…we know that children don’t start learning about peace and conflict in their middle years!! So why is it that we neglect to teach our children Peace Learning…Teaching our Children how to live peacefully with others…How to get along, and how to Make Peaceable Friendships and Create Peaceable Environments!

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Peaceable Environments

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Peaceable environments include places in which Children learn How to Cooperate together on shared activities…How to Communicate their feelings, needs, and concerns…How to Cultivate the Culture of Peace where children are learning How to Share Power with others rather than using Power over others…Children learn How to be Compassionate and Caring towards their environment…How to build on Conservation…How to seek nourishment from Friendship, Community, and Self-Worth…And How to actively Promote...

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Happy Mother”s Day 2013!

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You made me a mom, I said to my older daughter at bedtime. She snuggled into my hug and looked at me with a quiet smile. I was waiting for you for a long time, I continued…And I couldn’t wait to meet you. Tell me about when I was born, she said and I repeated the well worn story of how she was sitting on her brother (her twin). She laughed as she always does. I told her again how I could feel …her head tucked up against my ribs and she placed her hand on the spot. I sang her the lullaby I learned in the hospital and she melted....

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Persian advice, current events show has devoted following

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Written By Bob Strauss, Staff Writer for Posted:   02/21/2012 08:42:30 PM PST – Link to Original Article   “It’s really just two moms talking” is how Shahrzad Sepanlou describes the advice show she co-hosts with Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri for a Tarzana-based Persian TV network. But really the two Encino residents’ show, “Mom Talk L.A.” is much more than that. Broadcast in Farsi since it launched last fall, the show has gained a devoted following among Iranian mothers in the U.S. and...

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