Peace Learning – Five C’s

What is Peace Learning exactly?

I summarize Peace Learning as The Five C’s. Just as we have our daily vitamins to supplement our physical health The Five C’s are every bit as potent for the health of our mind, emotions and relationships. The Five C’s are Compassion, Communication, Cooperation, Culture, and Conservation.

Integrating the Five C’s into the daily diet of what we as families experience, creates the new possibility that parents can teach children compassionate ways to manage conflict and to self-regulate. Listening to children’s feelings of anger, fear, and frustration at events in the home, the neighborhood, and the larger society, will benefit the whole world.

By using Peace Learning, parents and caretakers now have five powerful fingers to lend a hand, so to speak. Compassion is the starting point. Parents learn to understand just what their child is saying emotionally, and provide the nurturing and security that creates trust. Communication is the natural result of this trust. Cooperation also comes of this trust and means that now the child is developing efficiency, respect and connectedness. Culture in this sense is the joy of life that comes of the child learning about other cultures and appreciating the Unity in Diversity.

The Fifth C, Conservation, is a fascinating one for families to share, because as we know, children have such a natural love of nature and animals. Children are so curious about nature and also identify so well with members of the animal kingdom that it is never too early to bolster their sense of being one with nature, and knowing how precious nature and our environment are. If life is a dance, as we all know, then peace learning is the way to start Dancing With The Real Stars, our Children.

Compassion  –  Communication  –  Cooperation  –  Culture  –  Conservation